Monday, June 23, 2014

Bananas are just so good....it blows my mind!

Heyoyello! So great of days I am living! I love living, and loving, and breathing the service of God. (Pretty deep huh? I came up with it myself) 

It was So nice to hear that things are going so well there. That is really awesome to hear about that fast that took place. It sounds spiritually uplifting and edifying, and those are truly the moments we need in these crazy days. Sounds like you guys are just keeping in good company, and really adjusting to that life up there. The lord will always help us to understand why we are where we are in life...that is kind of one of the lessons that I am learning over and over again. Wow, and you even got to go and sub in the nursery! That is one of the best things ever I bet. You guys are prepping to be nice grandparents I guess. 

This week in the field, it has been an experience. We have been trying to find more and more people, and it is fun, but not always easy. The first part of the week was kind of a struggle, but as the week progressed, so did the work. I actually think that yesterday was one of the best days at a branch that I have had since I got here. Not really that things were very organized, but the spirit that I felt and that we taught with, was so strong. It came with conviction and power! I have to tell of a good friend named Gabriel. He is one of the smartest and just prepared investigators ever. We feel the spirit Super strong every time we teach him, and he just says every time "I just want to get baptized". He says that everything that we are sharing with him truly does make sense, especially in his life. He came from a family that believes in worshiping with cults, and other things, and he is just sincere about working towards his salvation. He is also so into wanting to bring others unto this amazing gospel himself! God truly prepared these people that we are teaching. They are all just amazing in their own different ways. We are finally successful in convincing them in how important it is to come to church, so again, we had eleven of them at church this week! I love them all so much. I hope I don't leave this area at transfers. I hope they keep us both here, but it is likely that one of us will be leaving.

I love you all family! You are great, and just keep spreading the word of God. It is seriously needed. There truly is SO much work to do before the Second Coming. Be thou an example! Our Heavenly Father loves us, that is the truest statement. Our Savior Jesus Christ does live, and I get to bear His name everyday, and I feel the power of His love in my life, as I try to bring this pure joy to those souls that are ready and willing, and ARE seeking it. Have a great week! 

Elder Andreasen

P.s. Wow. That is nice! those hours of daylight and all. SSO MUCH LIGHT! haha Love ya, and keep smiling big!  

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