Monday, June 23, 2014

Mosquitoes...YES they are here!!

June 16, 2014

Hey you! Sso all is well, and things are going So great this week, which is just really AWESOME, if you really think about it. I have had an amazing day, and love to read how you guys are back there. That sounds like a nice trip up to the temple, and you even got to fly there, which is super cool! WOW though, can I mention that those are a LOT of youth, and that is so great that that many were able to participate in such an experience. That is just something!

Guess what! WE had 12 investigators at church yesterday and four of them were people that we have never met. The Lord answers prayers for sure. WE have truly seen so many great things in the work this past week, and it is just progressing. Hopefully we will have a baptism this upcoming Sunday, that would be nice. We are just working hard, and we are doing it together, which is the best part! I have learned a LOT this past week too. It has been sweet to see that we are just always more prepared in what we are going to teach and how we are going to teach, and just with the spirit and love for the people that we are going to teach. But I am just stoked for this next week to see what happens and who we get a chance to see, and who we will see lighten up a little more. It’s an extraordinary process to watch.

Mission status update is:
Missionaries are still no being let into Kenya at the moment. There have been I think three that have been able to come through. For baptisms throughout the mission...I really actually have no idea. Maybe I can find out though. There are still around 80 or so missionaries that are in the mission, but we are still helping the work progress! All things are ok safety wise. We just now have to be into the flat by six, and cannot take matatus anywhere. That has been a rule for the last 3 or 4 weeks. We have definitely learned how to walk...FAR! hahaha We just hope that all things are well, so that we can stop walking so much! It is all nice and well. =D

Have a great weeek, and love ya! 

Elder Andreasen

Keep Smiling/laughing/Helping others to laugh also!

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