Monday, June 30, 2014

Huh? I am an American???....OH YEAH that's right I AM!

Hi! So it’s me again. What can I say? I love you! I love families. That is it, I just love families. They are amazing. Great to hear of your fun adventures and travels within the past week, and I know that you are seriously impacting lives everywhere you go.

The missionary work is still coming along. Can you believe that year mark is just about here? Wow, it totally flew by! It is going to the downward slope, and I still am wanting it to work upward! ha. I just love this pure gospel, and perfect message that we are able to share with others, it makes my life and am glad that I am here, more than any other place. This week has really been rewarding! We were able to baptize one of our friends whose name is Japhet. He DID IT! The angels are jumping for joy. And now if i get to stay here, I will be able to see another family come into the waters of baptism, as well as four others hopefully! I am really excited for them. They are amazing, and are seeking those great things from the Lord in their lives. aesh! I have been tired this week!...which is a good sign. It means that we have been always trying and working hard, and it just seems like I get happier and happier as the time goes on. It is crazy! It is missionary work.  We are just trying to keep the work progressing, and it takes that extra effort that is needed to exert my all. I was reading this amazing talk that was given to us at the last zone conference. It is called "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary". It helps me to understand how I can always be striving to give my all, every ounce of energy necessary to help others accomplish success in salvation. It is nice to see success as we are diligent and patient. I love that scripture that states that by small and simple things, are great things brought to pass. That is SO true! 

I hope you have a great week! I love you, and pray for you. Be strong! 

Elder Andreasen
Smile cweet! (A combo between cool and sweet)

P.s. The branch does meet in a building, not like a mud structure or something. The grounds are actually really beautiful, and very well kept. It has a steeple and nice blue bars around all the windows. It is a nice place, but not a normal chapel building. 

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