Monday, June 23, 2014

It's Me :)

June 9, 2014

So so so. HEY! My Name is Elder Andreasen, I am in this little place called Kenya...I love to smile, and JUST LOVE you...(A cute smile). You, my Family are GREAT!

It has been great to hear that you guys are doing good. I am way excited for you to go to the temple! I love that place, it really is the best place on earth. I hope all goes well on your great adventure to get there. And you guys are making friends! That is awesome, I am really happy that things are coming along. 

Wow! I am just doing SO great! This week has been SO powerful! We have just seen so many fruits, and they are nice and tasty! I think some of these nice new fruits might be dipped into water some time soon. The Father upstairs has really prepared some amazing souls this week for us. We have met SO many people. This is just Such an amazing area. It is like we would just talk to someone, and they would tell us something like, wow, I think this is the church I have been looking for, or maybe we would just be walking, and the people that we decided to contact, actually CAllED US BacK! That does not ever happen, and the Lord let happen this time! woot! There is a goal that we set as a companionship that I think also REaLLY helped. We made a goal to try and always keep the spirit with us throughout the whole day. In everything we do, we need to be carried by the spirit. It was really kind of rough at the first of the week, but later in the week, things started to work better, and the days just are more amazing. It helps us talk more, and look for a better way to help each other. I had this personal goal to do three things everyday, and that is to Smile, laugh, and make someone else laugh. Things are so much Better once you just laugh and smile. That, is the whole purpose of this Plan that God has for us right, to be happy. What not a better way to be happy, then helping other children of God find True happiness. 

Things just keep coming along here. And there is still some sunshine. It is rainy season now. MUD! So, muddy on some days, but a lot of fun. I think that I am still pretty healthy. I eat bread some mornings with peanut butter, and I go through honey like crazy, and I have eggs, and tomatoes, and that is the most consistent breakfast. BUT I have been eating some of these super nice pancakes, from a package that randomly showed up at the mission office with my name on it...how weird is THAT! hahaha Thanks you guys SO MUCH! I think that my cheeks have swollen a lil bit, but nothing a little proselyting can't handle. I just love you SO much and hope that you get a nice pancake breakfast everyday for the rest of your life...or some other breakfast food. That’s it for now, but have a great week, and send something to ya next time. Thanks

Elder Andreasen

I'm Out!

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