Monday, March 30, 2015

(3/18/2015) MOMBO TENA!

WOW! Hey you guys! What a wonderful week it has been. I am sorry that yet again I am writing late, but I am super excited to tell you why. This week, was the week of transfers, and I got transferred. Excited huh? YA! I will seriously miss those amazing people of Chyulu, and am continually praying for them. But, I am excited and way amazed at what happened this transfer. Are you ready? I was transferred to Eldoret. I am in a place called Sosiani. Pretty much just back where I started my mission! My companion, Elder Bakubamutwe! This is a funny one, but I know that it is revelation for sure. I love this chance that I get to have in being here, back with these wonderful members of the church. It is going to be nice being in such a beautiful place as well. Plus, it is city, so it is a whole choice of nice foods. I Love this work, and am excited for this new chance I get to be here in this area. It is super! Alright.

I love you guys, but I don't have any more time left, so I will be seeing your reply on Monday. love ya and have a fantastic week! SMile big!

Elder Andreasen

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