Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day???

Hey you guys! So, this week has really been so great! I am doing well,
and I am for sure safe. I love this gospel, and have truly learned so
much this past week. It has seemed like a short week with zone
conference, but I have gained so much spiritual knowledge.

So, we had a blast at zone conference. We met on Tuesday, and we were
in the Machocos chapel and there were just the eight of us, the 2
couple missionaries, the AP’s and the mission president and wife. It
was kind of a small one this time. So we just had great words that
were spoken and taught. The theme again was about being diligent and
obedient. Man, I know that these things are very true. I love that as
you come back from these conferences it just makes you want to do
better, and always work your very best. Since we got back, we have
been applying more of these things that we have learned, and are
seeing how they can and will definitely help. The work will go on!

Wow, it is St. Patrick’s Day? Hmmm, not here. Haha I don't think that
they do celebrate that holiday, but hope your wearing green! I am
going to reassure you that I am safe! There are not really any problems
here were I am. The only thing that we have to be careful about is
just keeping obedient, and then the Lord will be protecting us. There
are no gangs that I know of here. There are in Nairobi, and there are
always going to be dangerous things where ever you go, but I think we
are pretty ok. No lions are going to be eating me anytime soon. Hmmm
Well, not really much more to be said, other than I love this gospel,
I love the scriptures, and missionary work is da BEST! Have a great
week and LLOVE YOU!

Elder Andreasen


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