Monday, March 3, 2014

YA! These Are The THINGS!

WELL JEEZ! It’s been a whole week, and its already gone! Your right, it did fly by! Sometimes it seems like there just isn't enough time, but that’s why we have to make all we can out of EACH day!!! (Wow that’s a lot of Exclamations) But I am just so happy at this moment! I just love you guys! I decided that all I am going to do from now on in my life is just LOVE! Love is the simple key to happiness. It is everything that Christ Himself showed and I just love to love! Man, it is a Smokin’ hot day today, but it is SO beautiful! Ya know, every morning I get to get up, and see the sun coming over the horizon, and then I get to study the gospel under some beautiful palm trees while listening to the birds sing, and feeling the spirit...Cool huh? If you just take time to look around you and see the beautiful earth that God has created for US His children, you feel the spirit SO strong, and I really do just appreciate it so much more. 

Wow, and the work! The work is coming along. It is coming somewhat slowly, but we are trying to put all we have into it, we just have learned to exercise patients, and put things more into the Lords hands. It is crazy how much Satan really does have an influence if people let him in. We got to see some more lost sheep this past week, and it was so great, because they had some serious questions, and some things that were holding their spirits back from coming to church, but we had that chance to put in the power of the gospel. One of the stories of the week is so simple, but I felt the spirit so strong. It was while teaching someone that had not been to church for about a month and a half, and she had some concerns about rumors and about her family being safe in the church. We had a member with us, and he translated while we bore our testimonies, and reminded her of how strong her testimony of these things can be. I felt accomplished as we were leaving and she let us know that she wasn't scared anymore, but that she had regained her courage to come back.  

Hmmm, so one of the most popular fruits here, is one of my favorites, mangos. They are everywhere, and all different shapes and sizes. Some as big as both of my fists put together or bigger. And it is almost like they consider sugar cane here to be a fruit, because it is sold everywhere! Yes, I love the stuff! Eeesh, I hope for no cavities though, I brush. Ah, and I am very excited, because we are looking forward to doing some service projects this next week. So we get to help dig a well, and make a mud hut! SUPER awesome! Oh, and we got to visit another of our four branches this past Sunday, and they are just so Awesome. Got to bear my testimony and meet many many people. Uh huh, yep so I think that is it for now, but I do love you SO SO very much!!! That is great that the spring is here for you. Spring is one of the BEST times of the year! Have a great one!

Elder Andreasen
Keep Smiling!

Pass Along: Hey G-ma Davis! How old are you? 81! That is old, but so great! You've made it SO far and you are SO wise and SO strong! I JUST LOVE YOU! I am so proud to be one of your favorite grandsons and just smile every time I think of your amazing spirit and fantastic laugh! I hope that you have the greatest  81st birthday in your whole life! PHEEEWWW think of how many candles that takes...your cake will be COVERED in wax! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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