Monday, March 24, 2014


BOO! Haha scared ya there didn’t I! WOW! Can I tell you! So, it was great to hear from you guys, coming to see your great writings in the e-mail. Well, I just hope that you are all being comforted and just know I am thinking about you...along with like 100 other people too. So you won't even BELIEVE what has happened in the last week!!!! I got emergency transferred again!

So, We were just getting out of a lesson in Chyulu, and we get a call from the AP's and they told me that I was taking part in ANOTHER emergency transfer and that I would again be leaving the next day. I have really got to tell you that those words ripped my heart out. I LOVE that place and those people, and to think that I was going to be leaving was sorrowful. I do miss them, and their great smiles, and they did teach me so much about life and myself and I learned so much from God. I just know that the great memories of them will stick with me forever, and now I am here. I have been sent to the city, in Nairobi. I am in a place called Langata, which is about 15 min. away from the main center of town. Man, and it is a complete change from where I was. We are in an amazing place, we have been here since Thurs. so we are trying to still get used to the area, because my new companion and I are whitewashing the area. There is a super nice part to our area, and we are also part of the BIGGEST slum in all of Africa, and that is called Kibera, bigger then Soweto in South Africa. My new companion is named Elder Bakubamutwe. He is from Uganda, and has been on mission for five months. He is powerful, and actually hasn't left the city yet, so I have this great feeling that he is going to go and serve in the bush sooon! Haha. So, I feel like our flat is just as nice as like the last hotel that we stayed in together in Cancun...this is like big people now. I love it though, because we get to go to the office often and meet with the couples there and the office elders, and Ap's and they are all just great elders, and are fantastic influence on me! We have another Elder that is staying with us for about the next two weeks. He is from around, and is going to go and serve in Durban, South Africa, but he is having Visa problems, so we are showing him some of the tricks to being a missionary. He hasn't been to the MTC yet, so they will love him when he gets there. Oh, his name is Elder Orenge. I am also a district leader now, and so I have a little more responsibility, but it is nice to just keep busy.

We are trying to meet these great people, and we are just finding LA's and seeing where all of our Investigators are living that were left for us. We are just trying new ideas and just listening to the spirit. That is what has been happening in this past week. But here we have to make sure that we are in before dark, and that we just keep safe, which isn't a problem if we just keep the commandments and do what we are told. Wow, you can even get a burrito here in the city...Crazy! I am sure I will probably keep the same size though! hahaha a lot of walking and stuff. It is a cooler climate here than it is in my last area, and so that is nice, but it still gets hot. Mmhmmm. So I think that is a bout it, but I just love you guys and hope the best for this upcoming week. Sorry for it being such a long letter, there is just so much to write and not enough room. I just hope all keeps on keeping on and well, and talk to ya later!    

Much Love From:
Elder Andreasen

Keeps on Smilin...ya

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