Monday, March 10, 2014

Hmm...Snow...What Is THAT?

Hey you guys! so HELLO from Mombasa! We are in Mombasa right now for a Zone Conference, so that is what is going be happening this week. It is by the coast, so it is nice and humid and hot here and just African! I am looking forward to the upcoming days. I am just happy, and staying healthy. I LOVE you guys!

There really is not TOO much to write about this past week. It was pretty much the same, but always still great! We have been trying to overcome some obstacles with the branches, and just trying to gain their trust. WE are actually focusing on the youth, and trying to get them to church, and answer their questions, and we have two future missionaries that we are trying to help to encourage. On Sunday, I actually got to teach the youth Sunday School class. It was something that I was just given on a whim (which is not rare here) and I got to teach them about how the prophets words can help us come to have faith in the Atonement. Man, it was seriously SO great. I was teaching with the Spirit, and just bore MY personal testimony of these great things. It was so great, and I realized again how strongly I feel about these things! I just love them!  We are really happy though, because as we have been working with some lost sheep, we saw some of them at church on Sunday, and we were thrilled for that! That makes me happy to see that we are making some progress and getting somewhere with what we are trying to accomplish.

People aren’t really jumping at being baptized, but we are hoping that as we discuss with some of these great people, that they will have their testimonies built and their spirits touched. That will hopefully make them think about baptism in the future. So, I just have been looking in the scriptures a LOT this past week. They really truly do give us SO much strength, and I have gained more courage through them. One thing that I loved when I was studying the other day, was the story of the Title of Liberty in Alma 46. I love this great example!!! There is a scripture that says something like, if we were all like unto Moroni, then the DEVIL would NOT have power over the hearts of the children of men! (Alma 48:17). This Is So great to have that much passion as Moroni did about what he believed! I am starting to also see what the sons of Mosiah were feeling in Mosiah 28:3, that explains that they were desiring that NO human should perish! I truly do love these people so much, and I just know that as I keep that same passion that Moroni has in that chapter, then the Lord will not let me fail. I am trying to really focus on Christlike attributes lately, and I really have seen how much I need to work on and still just how much more I can grow! I love this thing where we can always learn from our mistakes and be made better through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have seen it, and keep continually seeing it, and just look towards the future in faith. I love you and just hope that you have SUCH a great and Awesome week, and will be trying to keep the light of Christ. It IS the best light that Shines in this Dark world.


Elder Andreasen

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