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August 12, 2013

Hey you guys! I am so so sorry that I wasn't able to write much at all last week. I was being rushed and we couldn't send a real e-mail. I love you all so much! HAPPY B-day dad! I hope your day will be fantastic! And mom, I am doing great. I am healthy and all is going great!

Ok, so I did send you a handwritten letter from the MTC that should be getting to you shortly about the last little bit in the MTC so I will start with leaving the MTC. We left at 5:30 in the morning, which means we got up at 4:30. We got to the airport and we Kenyan missionaries flew together. We actually met someone on the plan that we convinced to reread the BOM and explained a lot to him. We landed, met the Mission President and went to his house to have dinner with him and the AP's. Mission President is super nice and very friendly. We then found out where we were to be serving and I was to be sent to the Eldoret, Huruma mission. We got to then go and stay in the AP's flat for 2 nights, where to be honest, we didn't even get very much sleep. I finally took an 8 hour bus ride to Eldoret and met this awesome elder on the bus, too bad he's not serving in our area. Anyway, I finally reached Eldoret, where I met my companion. His name is elder Tsegaye (suh guy). He is pretty cool, super chill, and has  an amazing spirit when we teach. Which brings me to the work in Huruma.

It really is amazing here. The people are all very upbeat. They all know about the Bible and about Jesus Christ because there are so many different churches around. It is like the Joseph Smith story all over again…haha. We already have five baptisms set up and three of them happened yesterday. Two of them, they have been working on since April. The weather here is really weird but exciting. it is rainy season so it has rained every day since I have been here. WHen I say it rains, it POURS! It usually starts out sunny in the morning and then about 3 everyday, clouds role in. It's CRAZY. All of the streets here in Huruma are dirt. So when it rains, it is fun. The people really are very excepting of any kind of gospel but a lot of the pastors have put into their minds that we are devil worshipers or free masons. Its funny though because my companion says that he has asked them when they say we are free masons, what is a free mason and they have no clue…haha. Really you just have to be the peoples friend. You have to talk to them, really get to know them, gain their trust and show that you care about them. They really need someone to know how much they care.

It is really poverty stricken in our area and lots of these people just make the best of what they have. The first day I met my comp., we went shopping to the nearest street market, people that he knows. For the first two days, I was living off of tomatoes, bread, and onions. Super funny though, cause it really wasn't bad. I have now gone shopping and have food food. I was wondering though if you can send some recipes over e-mail cause I would love to make an actual meal for myself. I have been to eat at two members huts/compounds and I have tasted some good stuff. Last night I had some yummy ugali, which is like a kind of bread cake stuff, and some delicious meat and greens. mmmm. So we go tracting everyday and I have gotten my shoes a little muddy but I just clean and shine and go on! We work hard. The church here in Africa is still pretty new so we are making sure that they are doing things right...ha. I attended my first Sunday here and there were about thirty people that showed up out of 300 members. They just called ward missionaries and they are working on reactivating. Yesterday was so amazing in itself because I was able to teach through the spirit. I have been teaching through the spirit but I really just let the Lord take me and use me. I just let Him do the thinking because when I do...it is not right.

I just really can't stop smiling. There is so much joy in this work! Holy cow though, Skyler comes home in a week!!!! that is crazy! OH! Skyler did email me and it was great. I would most definitely love to write to some people. They can write me over email or they can send a letter to the mission office and they should get it to me. I will definitely bring my chord for my camera and send you some pictures next week. I just found out I can do that. I just love you mom and dad so much! Thank you for raising me the way you did! You truly are amazing and I feel your love. I am learning some Swahili and am definitely trying to get used to some accents here. The Lord really does help you when you just get on your knees and truly pray with your heart. HE has helped me to get used to the accent…haha. I walk in the streets and lots of the kids will run by or sing to me the word MUZUNGU. It means foreigner or white person! haha. They are so awesome though and I love to make them smile! I must say that the driving in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, is INSANE! People just walk right in front of cars. You kinda just get used to it though. I want to take video of it and send it to you. One of the AP's explained it as being the same as a video game. Right now I am just in town at an internet cafe so that's where I will be emailing. My p-day is on Mondays so it is set now.

That's pretty much what is happening here in Kenya. OH and i saw my first thing...flock...herd of zebras'! it was pretty cool. There are just too many chickens here though. There are always animals roaming the roads, wild hogs, cows, goats, dogs. Anyhow...I love you all so much! Be safe!  

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