Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 9, 2013

HEY HEY HEY!!!! So wow! This week has really been great! I have truly felt the spirit so strong! I make sure that I am smiling, and laughing, and finding joy in everything I do.

This week has been extra joyous I think though! I am going to start from yesterday. Yesterday, we had four new souls baptized into the church!!! How fantastic these people are, for choosing to follow Christ in everything they do. I had the beautiful experience of being able to baptize three of those people! It was my FIRST time ever baptizing, so I was a little nervous, but it went well! It was so POWERFUL! It is funny though, when you look at the pics that sister Anderson is going to send you, you will see that I am kind of not dressed in MY baptism pants and tie... SO we had the baptism right after church at like two. I thought that we were going to go back to the flat after church but we rushed into the car and left for the church with the better baptismal font. So I had an experience of pat drying my shirt after, and my garments, and wearing them after the baptism. It just makes me laugh when I think of the dorkish things that happen in my life…haha! But how blessed I am to know such dedicated people, to follow through in baptism, and just have so much faith in Christ. Sometimes it seems hard for these people to join the church because of the persecution around and such. I love it when they do get this amazing amount of courageous faith and do follow through because they know that they will be blessed for having stepping forth and following the ultimate example.

These people of Kenya are really teaching me so many lessons in life. One that has really stood out to me is that no matter WHAT trial gets thrown at you and no matter how bad you think life can get, you can always find joy. You can always get back up. You will always be able to look to the Lord.

The rest of the week we actually didn't have too much going on. WE found two other sisters while contacting that we taught lessons to that were surely readied by the Lord. I am so glad that we were lead to these two amazing spirits! I am excited to help them come closer to the Celestial Kingdom! We also actually had to go on exchanges again so the people that were to be baptized could get interviewed. I went back to the same place I did exchanges last time and that was SO much fun! It was nice to have a change, to be able to teach in a different companionship, and to just be able to help more of Gods children!

Today we actually went with Elder and Sister Anderson to a place called the Rift Valley. They take all of the elders and sisters that are going to be leaving and show them this amazing site! It was so much fun and truly beautiful! My comp is actually leaving at the end of this week. We are in a branch and are pretty involved. We definitely are trying to get the council to be more diligent in really trying to keep this branch together. We definitely have seen great results and have faith that it will get even stronger.

I love you all so very much, thank you! I am working hard for the Lord!
Elder Andreasen

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