Sunday, September 22, 2013

August 26, 2013

       So wow! I just love that i get to write you guys, and that i get to share these amazing experiences with you! Man, so this week has gone by! i do love that the senior couples are sending you pics, of course i have no idea which ones they are, so i hope i am not makin some weird face or anything! haha I just love you mom and dad so much!  Skyler, i am so proud of you, and proud to be your brother! WAY TO FINISH STRONG. It sounds like you are gettin the hang of being back in the world. haha 

This week. Aww. this week really has been somethin. This mission is deffinatley a mans mission, and really shows you what you can be. just from being here for two weeks, i have really seen that the Lord is shaping me to become His sculpture. I have come to gain more of a testimony of the power of prayer, and how our Father in Heaven really truly does answer us. He does love us and has given us so so much! i have recognized how much he really has given to me and those around me within in mine own life. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that this week has been easy, but i love that the trials that i go through do strengthen me. I have really tried to work on the Christ like attributes in my life, and become more like him. I am working on one in specific the most, it is patience.

I have always been a pretty patient person in my opinion, and i love that i am able to work even more on really showing it. I love this work, and am really always so excited to go and do the work,  i again thank you so much mom and dad for really teaching me to be diligent in all i do, i really have seen that what you have taught me is playing a role in my life.
I love though, that i always get the chance to smile, and to laugh, and to show how much i do love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So yes we did have Eleven progressing investigators as of last week, but not all of them kept up on there progression, but we are really working with them. I am so excited for these few Seven progressing investigators that we have! So as i said, we have five baptisms coming up, and are about to get two more to commit to baptism. As we teach them, they are still always prepared by the lord to learn what we are going to teach them. There is one investigator that i really just love teaching the most, his name is Nelson. I don't know if i am aloud to say that, but i did anyway. ha. So he really just loves to learn. He is so happy about the gospel in his life, and has opened up to us so so much. He has so many good questions, that sometimes when i get back home, i have to study topics more to understand more about this gospel. The spirit can teach you so so much, and i love that i get to learn and grow, and have knowledge.  We have been working with really trying to  gain people back to the fold by helping those who are less active, and also help those recent converts and members to have as much strength as they can. It is really not very easy for people to be apart of the church here in Kenya, due to all of the rumours and things that go on, but we have helped them to stick together and focus on strengthening the branch together. We have been focusing on getting more people to do family home evening, and getting more people to come. We also have help the members start doing some branch activities, like the other day we went and played some Futball (soccer). I still need to work on my skills, but lets just say that i am gettin pretty good. we have been helping to strengthen the branch missionaries, and they really are doing such a great job! But the other day, we went to go and see a family that lives about an hour and a half away from Huruma. The Anderson's drove us to there home, and we were able to teach this family. You see, the dad is a member, but the mom is not, and once took the disscusions, but since they live so far away from the church, they have a hard time attending, and so the mom won't get baptised because of the distance. But what is so GOOD, is that the dad has all the pamphlets and just so many books about the gospel and its teachings, and all of the children have BOM's, so they just know so much about the church, and Christs Gospel. The eldest kid actually just right off the bat was like, i know that god loves me, and has given so much, so i really really want to be baptised! We definatley are gunna try and work with this family till i see them get baptised. The weather hasn't really changed, but there is one day that i got to get away from the rain, and it was when we went on exchanges, and i went to the other side of Eldoret, to a place called Jerusalem, which by the way was a great experience, but it hasn't changed ha! The food is always great! I acctually noticed that the flatbread that is served at like every meal called Chapati, is actually a version of Non! There are just different ways to cook it, and am gunna learn how to cook it! YUM! Beans and rice man, beans and rice and corn. hahaha. oh, and the water, we have these filters that hook to our sink, but we only get water out of that sink like twice or once per week! So we have to bottle water that we want filtered, but we have a shower, and it has a heater on it, so it's nice. So i think thats all for this week!
I am excited for this upcoming week! i really can't wait for more of the work to progress! I love all of you so much! 
PS. So i also don't have anyone's email address from back home, so if anyone is wanting to write to me or me to write to them, they are going to have to write me first just so i can get their address. Also, I totally thank you mom for those recipies, i acctually thought of those same recipies! haha so I think i am good though, with that, but i love you so much mom and dad and skyler, and have FUN!

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