Sunday, September 22, 2013

July 28th 2013

Subject: WELL HELLO! Guess who!

Hey you guys! so I finally made it to africa, and it is definatley different, but so amazing! I am writing you on the first day at the mtc, and how welcoming they are, and what great spirits I have met! truly am excited! I just got done getting my shots and i gotta say, that it really was nothin. I had some crazy long flights! but, so i finally got to london, and we weren't really for sure about what we were going to do, so...we actually went out, and rode the underground train to see buckingham palace, and that was an adventure. I was hanign out with the Ghana elders, and they were super funny. they went to the provo mtc, so they were all pumped, and I didn't have to worry about them speakin italian every five min. haha but I got back and found some elders, going to the mtc, and have been havin great fun with them. but it is winter here, and everybody thinks that its cold, but it is JUST right! I love these people, and the mission president is a very humble man, and just great! I love you very much, and hope all is going well. I am more excited about these amazing adventures that I get to experience in the future! I am just smiling! I love the work, and can't wait!

OH by the way, this is TANNER!

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