Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 3, 2013

HEY! so I am SOSOSO sorry that I didn't write yesterday! These last three days, we have had different conferences, and we had our zone conference yesterday, which kind of threw everything off. My bad! I forgot to let you know about that last week! But I am writing today, and I just love you guys so MUCH! Thank YOU for your letter, I am very excited to be able to come and read about what’s up!. SO I don't have too much time to write today, but I am going to do my best to tell you everything that’s been happening this week.

I actually want to start with these past three days. We had our district conference on Saturday and on Sunday, and then we had our zone conference/ mission tour. It has been way fun, and super exciting, because we have been hosting six other missionaries in our flat that came from different areas, for the conferences. Also, the President and his wife came up and were in Eldoret for the three days also! There were just a bunch of different missionaries that I was able to meet, and we all got to hear amazing talks given to us by different Seventy, and different people from the branches. I have learned SO much, and really have felt the spirit so strong, as these great people teach and testify. So, there was an area Seventy that spoke to us, and he is from South Africa, and is just super knowledgeable about this gospel. But then, I think that yesterday really was my favorite day out of the three. So, the mission tour is going on, which means that once a year, the President and his wife, and a special guest go throughout the mission and they speak at different places. So, they were here for zone conference, and for the tour, and the guest that has been with them is Elder Renlin of the Quorum of the Seventy. Yesterday, we got the opportunity to sit in a room, and have him and his wife talk to us, and teach us, and help us as missionaries! What an Extraordinary experience! We got to ask questions, any that we wanted answered, and we discussed them. What an amazing humble man he is, and truly you can see that he IS called of God.  So that actually is the highlight of the week for me, is to hear from a General Authority. I truly do feel so blessed!

I actually feel blessed in everything here in Eldoret. The work is really not too much different; we are still just trying to ready those investigators for their baptism this Sunday. We do have a baptism...font, but it really just looks like a clean blue garbage can, that you would see at like the back of a store. Not like the huge ones, but the medium sized ones. ha-ha they just keep it outside, and at first I totally had no idea that it was the font! But yes, it is still rainy, and wet, but in the mornings, like I said, it is beautiful! The sun is usually shining in the mornings, and it is just so gorgeous! I really do appreciate this earth and the beautiful creations around. But since it is wet, there is ALOT of mud! I loved mud when I was a kid, and didn't mind that I got my clothes dirty, but here, you work to try and not get to muddy, and it just doesn't work!!! Hahaha. We do ALOT of walking, and I don't know if I mentioned that, so the only time we do take matotus (bus) is when we are going to town. But we'll be walking, and get back to the flat or apartment, and the mud is just caked on our shoes, and we have mud over the bottoms of our pants! It makes it fun when I am washing though, because we do hand wash everything, so it is a Blast!  Washing by hand is actually one of those things that isn't that bad though. After only being out a month, I have gotten used to it and so it is just another thing that is to be done. I have definitely seen that I am becoming more diligent in things that I do, but I also just like to have fun too.

It definitely sounds like a hot summer there for you guys though! Wow 90's is up there! You can have some of this water if you want. Just to let you know, this isn't considered the bush area, and I really don't know what to consider it. It is just Huruma, Eldoret. Congrats on the job by the way Skyler!  Icon sounds like fun. You’ll have to tell me about it. DAD! You sound busy! man, alot of meetings. Just by the name of that clip, it sounds like a teary one. We don't really use media here, we pretty much just use the scriptures and pamphlets. We haven't even actually showed like the restoration movie or anything like that. I am kind of grateful for that in a way though, because we get to explain through the stories, and really help people to understand the way we do.

I don't actually know if they really have holidays in Kenya.  I bet they do, I just don't know what they are. I am guessing though that when Christmas comes around, that all of the different kinds of churches are going to be doing a bunch of different things. You'll have to tell me what exciting things you guys did for Labor Day, especially if it included sunburn! ha-ha, Speaking of Christmas, I really don't know, I love treats, and I love music. I can pretty much get food things here, EXCEPT pancake mix! I can make scratch pancakes. I love you so much FAMILY! You ARE in my heart and in my prayers, and just thank you! Have a great week, and really smile and laugh, it keeps us healthy, and happy, and that is what the Lord wants for us! It is the plan of happiness!


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